Who Are SkillWise?

Welcome to SkillWise. The number one Apprenticeship provider dedicated to helping UK SME businesses invest in their future. 

If you're a small business owner, you need an Apprentice that doesn't need babysitting. You need someone who already knows all the basics, but can also take care of all those menial tasks that take up a lot of your time as a Business Owner.

Our Mission is 'To help learners and UK businesses invest in their future' and at SkillWise, we realise the pressures of being a small Business Owner and taking the time out to train an Apprentice is just an added pressure. Of course, they need some training and guidance, but you need someone who's going to come in and add value to your organisation right from the start and we've got that covered.

We're challenging the status quo!

Forget the old style Apprenticeship Programmes where students have a day-release to sit in a classroom each week. We're going to be visiting your Apprentice on site and helping them to have a real impact on your business.  We'll be coming in to visit at least once every 4 weeks and supporting them however we can.

Over the course of 12 months, they're going to have a huge impact on your business, covering social media, marketing and business administration. They're also going to give you an extra 30 hours each week to focus on your business rather than in it!

We'll also have some of our top marketing and business admin experts on hand to support you and your Apprentice with any queries. We'll be there to help you every step of the way.

We realise that you need to be guaranteed that this Programme is going to work for you. That's why we're throwing all of our resources at this to ensure that we not only get the highest quality candidate for you from the start; we're also going to provide you and your learner with a huge amount of ongoing support:


Online Training Academy:

Our Online Training Academy has been created by an award-winning marketing team. It's designed to ensure your learner arrives with you in a position to start adding value immediately. Unfortunately, most Apprenticeship Providers will typically let their Apprentice turn up with no formal training at all and it's purely down to you to provide them with that training. We're going to give them EVERYTHING they need through our online training Academy, covering everything from how to behave in the workplace, right through to Facebook advertising, squeeze pages, video editing; you name it and they'll pretty much cover it. This content is worth thousands of pounds and exclusively available to you and your Apprentice. You're also going to get your monthly visit from your Tutor/Assessor who's going to add even more value to your business and your learner. 

Tailored Recruitment Campaign:

We're not your average Apprenticeship Provider and you're not going to be getting an average service. Our Recruitment Team will talk to you in advance and find out more about your business and the type of candidate you're looking for to ensure we run a campaign specifically tailored for your business. We'll be advertising the vacancy through our partner job boards, targeting learners through social media and, of course, using the standard recruitment channels, but it's our mission to provide you with a wide range of candidates to ensure you find the right one for your business.

Access to our HQ Marketing Team for Marketing Critiques:

If you or your Apprentice are struggling on a particular piece of marketing, you can call one of our HQ Team to talk you through the process. If it's not something we've already covered on our Vault, we'll create a video specifically covering that topic.

Pre-done Process Maps:

We've created a whole heap of process maps, covering everything from Facebook ads, right through to video editing. They provide you with simple, step-by-step instructions in an easy to follow PDF, so you won't need to be a tech-whizz to implement them.  Just download the process map and away you go. Don't worry, if we haven't got a process map for something you need, we'll usually be able get it created for you. 

SkillWise App:

You'll get your own private log in to our SkillWise App, where you'll have access to all video content, Social Media feeds, Regional Event listings and a direct link to your Tutor.

HR Support:

As part of the SkillWise Apprenticeship, we're giving ALL businesses access to our great HR package provided by Bloody Staff; so if you have never employed someone before, this is a great resource to have. 

Tutor/Mentor Support

The Tutor will be supporting both you, as the employer, and the learner with the progress your Apprentice is making. They'll be your first port of call and on-hand to support your Apprentice through the Programme to support the business as much as they can. 

Option 1

I'd like you to recruit a highly trained Apprentice to work alongside me.


Option 2

Train one of my existing staff to support with marketing and social media.