The Skillwise Apprenticeship Programme

Your own: -

Social Media - Mini Marketer - Business Admin

All wrapped into 1 apprentice for only £125 per week!

And why it’s a must for UK businesses looking to grow 

If you’re a business owner taking your own calls, doing your own marketing, filing the paperwork, or any other task then this could help transform your business.

If you want to be successful you’ve got to get more stuff done...

So many business owners are full of great ideas, things that they want to do, but, for one reason or another, their rate of implementation and execution is not where they would like it to be and it’s holding them back.

Let’s be clear here, right up front – the biggest difference between high income, high profit businesses and run-of-the-mill, low income, low profit businesses is…

I – M – P – L – E – M – E – N – T – A – T – I – O – N

If you want super success, a nice big house, the kids in private school and several nice holidays every year then you’ve got to get good at getting stuff done.

Perhaps the biggest barrier for most small businesses to growing their business is having the resources in place to simply get things done. We all know we should be working on ‘The One Thing’ but all the other s**t gets in the way.

This could all change with your own highly trained, fully qualified, social media, mini marketer and business admin apprentice for 30 hours a week
ALL for only £125 per week?



Just imagine what you could do with 30 hours if you could free up all that time to focus ON your business rather than working in it.

What holds most business owners back is finding the time to get stuff done. On top of that the costs of employing someone to help are often prohibitive and if you do hire staff they can lack experience and skills. The Skillwise Apprentice Programme solves this at a stroke.

Option 1: We'll help you recruit a highly trained apprentice to work alongside you, 30 hours per week, for 12 months. 

Option 2: We'll train one (or more) of your existing staff members to be able to support you with marketing and social media.

Whichever option you go with you'll get a lot more stuff done AND you're helping somebody to become more skilled and climb up the employment's a compelling combination. Dependent on the availability of government funding you may even be eligible for a grant of between £1,500 - £3,000 to support with the costs!

Check out some of the things they'll be able to do for you on the image on the right AND Be sure to check out some examples of the great marketing some of our apprentices have created for their businesses at the bottom of this page.

Check out what Pebble Sanctuary had to say about their Marketing Apprentice Superstar:

Billie has already had such a huge impact at her business. She brought in 16 new customers in one day off one marketing campaign and has implemented a whole lot more since. Check out what her employers had to say by clicking the video on the right.

Forget The Old Style Business Admin Apprenticeship –

We’re going to provide you with a fully qualified Social Media / Mini Marketer / Business Admin apprentice who’s going to help take the load away, allowing you to drive your business forward.

This is no ordinary apprenticeship and as you’d expect it’s not accompanied by any ordinary training. All apprentices will complete a total of 13 tailor made online training modules so that they can hit the ground running and don't need your constant attention to begin to help your business.

We're talking 100% practical step by step guides to help them get familiar with topics including Social Media, Facebook Ads, PPC, Copywriting, Direct Mail and everything in between.

AND your apprentice will enroll onto a full apprenticeship in Marketing or Business Admin (which route they go down is up to you). They'll be visited in the workplace by one of our expert tutors once every 4 weeks to support them through the apprenticeship and to make sure they are continually working to help improve your business.

What’s more there’s no upfront cost. The only thing that you’ll need to pay for is your apprentice’s wage. The cost of training your apprentice will be fully covered by government funding.  

Here's how it works:

Once we've sourced suitably qualified candidates for you, helped you with the selection process and you've appointed your successful candidate, the learner journey will begin:

(you won't need to do this if you already have somebody in the business who you would like to receive the training)

Stage 1

Learner completes the Skillwise Academy online training modules. This will get them up to speed and give them some of the skills that they need to start making a difference in your business. The learner can start in your business without completing the training, but we'd recommend they at least start their online training first.

Stage 2

Learner starts their placement with you. Your assessor will attend your workplace to complete the apprenticeship induction. Your apprentice will also need an induction into your company to get a thorough understanding of your products and services. You'll then get a monthly visit from your apprentice assessor to support your learner through their apprenticeship.

Stage 3

One of our marketing specialists will always be on hand to support you and your apprentice with any marketing related queries. You'll also have access to all our online video guides on how to implement various marketing pillars, which will be available to you and your apprentice for the duration of the programme.

Stage 4

If you wish to keep your apprentice on post apprenticeship, they then progress to full time / part time employment and can potentially complete a higher level apprenticeship and add even further value to your business.


Here's just a small example of the types of work your apprentice could do to help your business grow:

Social Media

  • Manage daily social media campaigns
  • Create relevant content to engage with customers
  • Create & manage published content (video, images)
  • Monitor, listen and respond to users in “social” way whilst cultivating leads and sales
  • Develop and expand community and/or blog outreach efforts
  • Oversee design (Facebook timeline, cover photos, profile pics, twitter profile & blog)

Marketing Responsibilities

  • Creating presentations for you
  • Uploading to the customer database to ensure your business is up to date
  • Set up/Manage Google Places Account to improve efficiency 
  • Preparation and maintenance of materials for marketing to increase leads and to keep message relevant.
  • Management/Uploading of video and photo content to increase communication with customers / clients.

Business Admin

  • Taking calls and relaying messages to you to save you time during the day.
  • Filing paperwork.
  • Scheduling appointments to ensure your time is used most efficiently.
  • Booking travel arrangements so you don't have to worry about it.
  • Sorting and distributing mail so your business is running smoothly.
  • Ordering office supplies so you have everything you need.
  • Handling paperwork.
Katie Bulmer
This is a fantastic opportunity- if this had been around when I left school I wouldn't have hesitated to jump awesome combination of experience and qualifications!

Katie Bulmer Cooke Entrepreneur/Professional Speaker/ TV Presenter

The top 4 reasons you should take on a Skillwise trained apprentice…

Reason #1:

The quality of learner applying for the positions is of a slightly higher calibre due to the uniqueness of the programme and quality of the training being made available. This isn’t marketed like any other apprenticeship either.

More and more learners are being put off going to university due to higher tuition fees; so this fast track apprenticeship program is becoming a great alternative for those young, ambitious individuals looking to start learning on the job and earning as quickly as possible without the student debt.

Reason #2:

You’ll be paying a very reasonable amount, only £125 a week (minimum) and all of this is your apprentices wage. It’s a fantastic deal. Just think of what you could do with 30 hours a week. Your time alone is worth more than that! Your work output can increase dramatically and you’ll be free to work on the things that will really drive your business forward.

Reason #3:

Traditionally apprenticeships tend to focus more on just working in the business and working towards their NVQ. Well we’re changing that as well! We have a huge amount of content and training material that we’re going to continue to drop feed through to your apprentice every month. They’re going to have that much knowledge and be so valuable to your business that you simply won’t want them to leave!

Reason #4:

From April 2017 the apprenticeship levy will be in place. Whilst it's true that only employers with an annual pay bill of more than £3 million will need to pay this extra tax, all employers will need to make at least a 10% contribution to the cost of training their apprentice*. This means that between now and April is your last chance to take on an apprentice without making a cash contribution to the cost of their training.  

*Current government proposals suggest there will be no charge for training 16 - 18 year old apprentices  

Martin Norbury
It’s pretty difficult to scale your business without staff. The Skillwise apprenticeship initiative is what entrepreneurs have been looking for. The right attitude, right skills and ready to add value. Fantastic concept. A no brainer.

Martin Norbury Business Coach of the Year 2015

By now you should be convinced that this opportunity is unlike any you’ve ever been offered from another training provider.
You should also know whether this opportunity
is right for you, which is why…

You Now Have To Take Action in Order To Get Results…

At this point there isn’t really much more to say.
Just below you’ll see the registration box that will
allow you to book a call with one of our team
All you need to do is add your details and click the ‘Book My Call’ button and one of our team will be in touch in the next 4 working hours to discuss how an apprentice could help you

I’m serious. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to grow your business.


Option 1

I'd like you to recruit a highly trained apprentice to work alongside me.


Option 2

Train one of my existing staff to support with marketing and social media.

What am I going to get?

Online Training Academy:

Our Online Training Academy has been created by an award winning marketing team. It's designed to ensure your learner arrives with you on day one in a position to start adding value immediately. Unfortunately most apprenticeship providers will typically let their apprentice turn up with no formal training at all and it's purely down to you to provide them with the support they need. 

We're going to provide your apprentice with a thorough understanding of all the marketing fundamentals through our online academy. We'll cover everything from how to behave in the workplace, right through to Facebook advertising, squeeze pages and video editing; you name it and they'll pretty much cover it.

This content is worth thousands of pounds and exclusively available to you and your apprentice. You're also going to get your monthly visit from your tutor / assessor who's going to add even more value to your business and your learner, whilst supporting them for the duration of their apprenticeship. 

Recruitment Campaign:

We're not your average apprenticeship provider and you're not going to be getting an average service. Our recruitment team will talk to you in advance and find out more about your business and the type of candidate you're looking for to ensure we run a campaign specifically tailored for your business. We'll be advertising the vacancy through our partner job boards, and of course using the standard recruitment channels, but it's our mission to provide you with a wide range of candidates to ensure you find the ideal apprentice for your business. 

Access to our HQ Marketing Team for Marketing Critiques:

If you or your apprentice are struggling on a particular piece of marketing, you can call one of our HQ team to talk you through the process. If it's not something we've already covered on our Vault, we'll create a video specifically covering that topic.

The S - Wise App

Your learner will have access to learning materials, be able to book onto training events and even contact their tutor with a few touches of their smart phone. They'll also be able to access all of our training videos and interact with other learners to share ideas. The app is currently being phased into delivery and should be fully operational by early 2017

Pre Done Process Maps:

We've created a whole heap of process maps, covering everything from Facebook ads right through to video editing. They provide you with simple step by step instructions in an easy to follow PDF. So, you won't need to be a tech whizz to implement these, just download the process map and away you go.

HR Support:

As part of the Skillwise apprenticeship, we're giving ALL businesses access to our great HR package provided by Bloody Staff; so if you have never employed someone before, this is a great resource to have for a heavily discounted fee.

If you've got any questions, or you'd like to speak to a member of our team, just call us on 

Tel: 0121 713 1664

Check out some of the great marketing examples below completed by some of our amazing apprentices:

Check out the testimonials from some of our businesses below:

What a fantastic idea! We frequently use apprentices from an accounting perspective but to have a marketing trained apprentice working within the business is a wonderful cost effective solution to help us grow even further. Considering what we would usually pay in recruitment and training fees, this is a real bargain!

Aynsley Damery – CEO – Tayabali Tomlin

Mat Butler
’Recruiting an apprentice back in 2012 totally transformed my business. It’s an absolute must for any forward-thinking business, particularly now that they’ve got all this additional, specialist marketing training.

Mathew Butler Video Strategy Expert | Business Video Expert

I think this is an amazing opportunity for any business owner. The chance to get an apprentice trained for you in specialist marketing skills is a brilliant idea.

Jacqui Mann J Mann Associates

Having an apprentice work in my business has made a real difference. I've got all the extra support that I need an can rely on them to look after my marketing whilst I'm out of the office. They're well trained and passionate about what they do.

Geoff Cross Managing Director – CEN Group Ltd

There is no reason to procrastinate or deliberate any longer. The time for action is now.

If you wait, there is a good chance that this opportunity will sell out, as there’s only 47 places available that have fortunately become available. So now is definitely the time to act.

You know, years from now, when we look back at our entrepreneurial lives what we’ll really be looking at is a series of decisions that created our destiny. Some of them will (hopefully!) have been smart decisions, others may have been stupid ones, but only a few vital decisions will really have shaped our future. Investing in a qualified apprentice will surely be one of them.

We’ll do our absolute best to make sure that’s the case for you.

Register now while there are still spaces available.

If you've got any questions, or you'd like to speak to a member of our team, just call us on 

Tel: 0121 713 1664


Option 1

I'd like you to recruit a highly trained apprentice to work alongside me.


Option 2

Train one of my existing staff to support with marketing and social media.